The big sales on Steam always spark a surge of interest among players in classic hits. This fact was confirmed by the authors of the city-building survival game Frostpunk.


11 bit studios announced that since the start of the summer sale on June 27, they have sold more than 400,000 copies of Frostpunk. That's roughly one copy every 2.3 seconds. The surge in sales was fueled by a record discount of 90% for the game.

At the end of April, the company reported 5 million copies sold of Frostpunk. Thus, current game sales should be at least 5.4 million copies.

Alongside the rise in sales, Frostpunk has also seen an increase in online presence on Steam. If on June 26, the peak concurrent players were 2.4 thousand people, then on June 30, it was already 10.6 thousand people. As of the writing of this news, Frostpunk's online presence on Steam is 5.2 thousand people.


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