At the end of June, French President Emmanuel Macron blamed video games for the riots that were taking place in the country at that time. Almost three months later, he said that he did not condemn the video games themselves, but the violence that reigned on the streets of France.

Macron published a voluminous post on X (Twitter) dedicated to video games. He wrote that he had always considered video games important for the development of the country’s culture and economy. Moreover, in his opinion, they are an integral part of France.

Macron stressed that he is proud that projects like Assassin’s Creed have become known all over the world. Now the country’s authorities actively support the gaming industry and invest in its development within the framework of the France-2030 plan.

Recall that in the summer, at a press conference about the protests in the country, Macron said that video games “intoxicated” young people. According to the president, some participants of the riots tried to repeat their plots and “lost touch with reality.”


Sky News