Sergey Trukhan, Commercial Director of the Fplus IT holding, spoke at an event for developers of applications for the Aurora mobile operating system. He announced that his company is ready to allocate money to ten teams that will port games to Aurora by the end of 2024.

It is not reported what amounts Fplus will offer to developers. The terms of cooperation are also unknown.

The Open Mobile Platform company, which created Aurora, announced plans to bring mobile games to its platform at the end of March. She said she would discuss porting games with both the developers themselves and electronics manufacturers. Fplus is one of the latter. She also noted that "so far there are more technical challenges with domestic operating systems than business opportunities."

At the event for developers, the Open Mobile Platform showed several popular old games that enthusiasts have already ported to Aurora. Among them are Heroes of Might and Magic III, GTA 3, Earthworm Jim and Fallout 2.

Also, the creators of Aurora officially signed a cooperation agreement with the Video Game Industry Development Organization (RVI).

Earlier, VK announced that during 2024, its RuStore app store will appear on devices with Aurora. Moreover, it will be pre-installed in advance. It is still unknown when exactly the store will start supporting Aurora.

A source:

"Organization for the development of the video game industry"