Recently, Bloomberg sources reported that the deputy heads of Disney Bob Iger (Bob Iger) offered to buy a major publisher. For example, Electronic Arts (EA). Forbes journalists in a new article shared their opinion on why a deal between Disney and EA is a bad idea.

There are three main theses:

Disney has never been able to manage game assets, and the situation is unlikely to change with the purchase of EA. It is possible that if EA is allowed to operate completely independently, such a scheme will work, but this is unlikely. Disney is not the company that gives creative freedom;

▫️new EA games will be created in the interests of Disney. This means that most of the fresh content is likely to be based on the main brands of the corporation. Although, EA will probably allow to further develop some successful IP like FIFA (now EA SPORTS FC), Madden NFL and Apex Legends;

▫️Disney may want only EA to make games based on its brands. As a result, we won't see (or are much less likely to see) projects in the Star Wars or Marvel universe from other studios.

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