The hard times in the gaming industry continue. Flaming Fowl Studios, founded by Lionhead Studios veterans, has reported financial problems.


The developers did this during the announcement of a cooperative turn-based RPG called Ironmarked. Flaming Fowl Studios introduced the game, released a demo version and immediately announced the freezing of the project. The studio has stated that it does not have enough money for further development, but it hopes that the demo will be a lifeline. If Ironmarked gathers a lot of vishlist, Flaming Fowl Studios will be able to try to prove the interest of the audience and attract funding.

In an interview with the VGC portal, Flaming Fowl Studios CEO Craig Oman said that the publisher refused Ironmarked last summer. The studio has been looking for a new partner for almost a year and showed the title to more than 30 publishers, but they all refused with the words: "The game looks great, the team is great, but now we are not making a deal."

According to Oman, the refusals could be related to the Ironmarked budget. It was planned to spend 5 million pounds on the development, but the publishers were ready to work either with small games or with games worth 20-40 million pounds at once.

As a result, Flaming Fowl Studios was forced to seriously reduce its staff from 30 to nine people. Now she is working on a new small game, the development of which she is able to finance herself.

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Video Games Chronicle