In a recent report, Sega Sammy said that she achieved great success in the 2023 fiscal year (ended March 31, 2023). Her income hasn't been that high since at least 2014.

▫️Net sales of the entire company reached ¥389.6 billion or $2.6 billion at the current exchange rate, which is 21.4% more than last year. Profit for the year immediately increased by 48.4% to ¥49.4 billion ($330 million).

2014 came closest to these results in ten years. At that time, net sales were ¥378 billion ($2.5 billion), and profit was ¥40.5 billion ($269 million).

▫️Revenues grew largely due to the film "Sonic in Cinema 2", which grossed $405.4 million, and the continued popularity of Japanese game franchises.

▫️The total circulation of Sonic the Hedgehog series games for the entire existence by March 31, 2023 exceeded 1.66 billion copies, the Like a Dragon series - 21.3 million copies, and the Persona series — 17.7 million copies.

However, Sega Sammy was not very happy with the success of games from European studios.

Sega Sammy expects the 2024 fiscal year to end even better. The company plans to achieve ¥433 billion ($2.9 billion) in net sales and ¥58 billion ($390 million) in profit.

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