On July 30, the Japanese mobile RPG Fate/Grand Order turned eight years old. With a slight delay, Sensor Tower analysts shared statistics on the game.

According to analysts, by mid-August 2023, Fate / Grand Order earned $7 billion. 81.1% of the game’s revenue was collected at home. Other major markets for it were China (8.1%) and the USA (5.8%).

On her birthday, Fate/Grand Order came in first place in the top of the highest-grossing games in the Japanese App Store. The game stayed in the top ten until August 15. In addition, between July 30 and August 15, Fate/Grand Order was the fastest growing mobile game in Japan in terms of revenue. In two weeks, the project earned approximately $40 million. For comparison, the second largest revenue growth was One Piece Treasure Cruise with $13 million.

More than half of the Fate/Grand Order audience is young people. The share of players aged 25-34 years is 38%, and the share of players aged 18-24 years is 29%.

Fate/Grand Order has a high level of audience engagement, analysts write. They estimated that 5% of Fate/Grand Order users spend more than 10 hours a week playing the game. Another 24% of people spend at least an hour a week on it.


Sensor Tower