The US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the court’s decision in the case of Epic Games and Apple, issued in September 2021. He refused to satisfy the Fortnite developer 9 out of 10 charges and did not consider Apple a monopolist.

However, the court again ordered Apple to allow developers to add links to alternative payment methods to iOS applications.

Apple called the verdict of the appeals court a “resounding victory.” But she did not rule out that she could appeal and try to appeal the only point in which the court did not side with her. The corporation has 14 days to do this.

Epic Games also did not say directly whether it would continue to sue Apple. The head of the company, Tim Sweeney, wrote on Twitter that although Epic Games lost on almost all points, it at least managed to achieve a relaxation of the App Store rules. Now the Fortnite developer is “working on the next steps.”

Sweeney had previously stated that Epic Games would go all the way in the case with Apple and, if necessary, appeal to the US Supreme Court.