Dataspelsbranschen analysts looked at how the year 2022 passed for the Swedish gaming industry. We share the main conclusions from the report.

▫️In 2022, Swedish gaming companies earned €8.1 billion. Their income jumped by 38% compared to 2021.

The top 3 companies in terms of revenue included Embracer Group (€3.54 billion), Stillfront Group (€664 million) and King (€598 million).

Ten of the largest companies have paid taxes in Sweden in the amount of €250 million.

▫️As of December 2022, there were 939 gaming companies in Sweden. Almost half of them have opened in the last five years.

49% of companies are solo developers. Another 38% are teams that employed less than 10 people in 2022.

In Sweden itself, 8,445 gaming specialists were counted. Another 16,494 people worked in the foreign offices of Swedish companies in 2022.

The largest gaming employer in Sweden is Ubisoft with a staff of 850 employees. Next are EA DICE (696 employees) and King (621 employees).

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