Kotaku reports that Gearbox is closer than ever to being sold.

According to our colleagues from the American edition, earlier this week, Gearbox CEO and co-founder Randy Pitchford held a meeting with employees, at which he announced that:

  • A decision was made about the future of the studio;
  • it will be announced in March (that is, maybe tomorrow).

Recall that back in September last year it was reported that the company wants to part with Embracer Group.

"(...) many options are currently being considered, including transferring Gearbox to another company, separating Gearbox into an independent company, and others. Ultimately, we will choose the option that best suits both Gearbox and Embracer," wrote Dan Hewitt, director of public Relations at Gearbox Entertainment.

Kotaku states that, as the publication understood from the words of sources, it was eventually decided to sell the company. The deal is now close to completion.

"I am glad that something that may be related to us is of interest to the audience, and you want to write material about us for your readers. I am proud and flattered that our company is the subject of rumors, speculation and discussions. As always, we will be very happy to share information with you if we have projects that can be announced or news that we can share, because we are trying so hard to follow our mission to entertain the world," Randy Pitchford said in a comment for Kotaku.

Gearbox was bought by Embracer Group in early 2021 for $1.3 billion. After that, with the participation of the Swedish company, it included Perfect World Entertainment, Lost Boys Interactive, Volition, Eidos Shanghai and Captured Dimensions.

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