Embracer Group reported for the last fiscal year ended March 31. She reported an increase in profits and sales, as well as the successes of Dead Island 2 and Metro Exodus.

▪️Embracer Group’s net sales amounted to $3.54 billion. This is 121% more than last year.

Sales of console and PC games amounted to $1.26 billion (+58%), sales of mobile games — $548 million (+19%), sales of desktop games — $1.2 billion (+2199%).

▪️Net profit increased by 361% to $420 million.

Sales of Dead Island 2 exceeded 2 million copies, sales of Metro Exodus – 8.5 million copies (of which 500 thousand were sold in January-March 2023).

In the report, Embracer Group said that it had failed a major strategic partnership. The company received verbal consent to its conclusion in October 2022, but it was refused late in the evening on May 23.

Embracer Group Annual Report
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