Saber Interactive has officially withdrawn from the Embracer Group. This is reported on the website of the Swedish holding.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2

Saber Interactive, along with a number of affiliated studios, is now owned by Beacon Interactive.

There are no new details about the deal in the message from Embracer Group.

Embracer Group announced the sale of part of Saber Interactive's assets on March 14. Along with Saber Interactive itself, DIGIC, Fractured Byte, Mad Head Games, New World Interactive, Nimble Giant, Sandbox Strategies, Slipgate and 3D Realms studios left the holding. The new owner of the company also received options to purchase 4A Games and Zen Studios. Whether he has already used them is unknown.

In the two weeks since the signing of the agreement on the sale of Saber Interactive, Embracer Group's shares have risen significantly. By the evening of March 27, their cost had increased by 37% to 20.5 Swedish kronor ($1.9) per piece. Today, after the news of the sale of Gearbox Entertainment to Take-Two Interactive, the shares continued their growth. At the time of writing, the holding's shares are trading at a price of 23.1 Swedish kronor ($2.16) per share.

The value of Embracer Group shares in the period from March 1 to March 28

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