Embracer Group will be more actively using artificial intelligence (AI) in game creation. The company fears that if it rejects such technologies, it will be outpaced by competitors.

In the extended version of the annual report for the last fiscal year, Embracer Group announced that it has adopted a new policy regarding AI. The company stated that AI will "significantly enhance" game development. AI will allow for more efficient resource management and process optimization. Additionally, games will become more personalized, unique, and dynamic.

Embracer Group acknowledged that it is aware of the drawbacks of AI. For instance, AI can generate unethical or simply incorrect works if not properly trained. There may also be issues related to copyright. Nevertheless, AI provides many advantages to developers, making it impossible to ignore, but it should be used conscientiously.

As Embracer Group emphasized, it does not intend to replace people with AI. The goal is to make employees' work easier.


Game Developer