Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media Conference & Telecom said that his company is actively developing technologies of generative artificial intelligence. EA hopes that with their help it will be possible to speed up game development and increase performance.


According to Wilson, generative AI can positively affect about 60% of EA's game creation processes. He claims that developers themselves are interested in working with AI. "Being able to bring the game to market faster is the Holy Grail for them," Wilson said.

Also, Wilson believes, the use of AI will make games more personalized, exciting and deep. As a result, the company will be able to attract more players. According to the top manager, thanks to AI, the audience of EA games will grow by at least 50%. Now it is 700 million people. Monetization will also increase by 10-20%.

EA has not yet made accurate calculations, but Wilson thinks that thanks to AI, the efficiency of the entire EA will increase by 30% within a few years.

Wilson added that his company has always been interested in AI and is now "more excited than ever." Further development of such technologies will give EA "multibillion-dollar opportunities."

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