The Marvel Snap collectible card game turned one year old: it was released on October 18, 2022. On this occasion, we decided to look at the indicators of the mobile version of the title and turned to the data of the analytical service AppMagic.

▫️Annual revenue of mobile Marvel Snap with IAP was $116.76 million. This is after deducting taxes and shares of stores.

▫️The game earned the most in the USA ($71 million), the UK ($4.9 million), Canada ($4.3 million), South Korea ($4.18 million) and Italy ($3.7 million).

December was the best month for Marvel Snap: revenue from IAP amounted to $13.8 million. Now the game earns an average of about $8-9 million per month.

▫️Mobile Marvel Snap has collected 23.7 million downloads.

The main markets for downloads were the USA (5.5 million), Brazil (2.6 million), Indonesia (1.7 million), Italy (1.1 million) and the UK (1.06 million).

Marvel Snap was downloaded the most actively last October: the game was downloaded 7.8 million times in a month. After that, downloads dropped significantly, dropping to an average of 900 thousand per month.

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