Starward Industries studio told about the first sales of the science fiction thriller The Invincible, based on the novel by Stanislaw Lem, in a note to investors.

The developers noted that $790 thousand is the gross revenue of the game without deducting platform commissions. That is, The Invincible's real income is even lower.

According to the Polish portal GRY Online, the game has not yet had time to pay off. According to analysts, only the publisher 11 bit studios invested 5 million zlotys ($ 1.24 million) in The Invincible, and the total budget for the development and marketing of the title exceeds 17 million zlotys ($4.2 million).

The Invincible was released on November 6 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Now her rating on Metacritic is 71-73 points out of 100, depending on the platform. The maximum online on Steam that the game could reach was 1,237 people.

Since the release of the game, the shares of Starward Industries have collapsed by 62.8%, falling to 17 zloty ($ 4.2) apiece.

A source:

GRY Online