Tencent has a new hit. The version of Dungeon & Fighter Mobile released for the Chinese market on May 21 has already brought the company multimillion-dollar revenue, Bloomberg reports, citing analyst data.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile

According to Sensor Tower estimates, in its debut week alone, the game generated $63 million in revenue and amassed 2.6 million downloads in the Chinese App Store. As a result, it topped both the highest-grossing and most-downloaded charts on the Chinese App Store for the week.

Meanwhile, analysts at Niko Partners estimated that Dungeon & Fighter Mobile's total revenue on iOS and Android in China exceeded $140 million. However, they indicated that such significant earnings are the result of an aggressive marketing campaign for the release, so it's not certain that the game will continue to generate such revenue. Nonetheless, Niko Partners believes that if the revenue growth rate is maintained, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile could earn over $1 billion in China by the end of the year. This would account for approximately 5% of Tencent's total projected annual game sales in the Chinese market.