On April 25, the Russian studio Cats Who Play released the real-time strategy game "Frontline" in early access. Creative Director Vitaly Shoutov shared the project's success on his VKontakte account.


  • By May 29, "Frontline" had been downloaded over 102 thousand times. This figure does not include direct link downloads, which amount to about 10 thousand more.
  • Currently, the download rate has slowed, with the game being downloaded 300-400 times a day.
  • More than half of "Frontline's" entire audience are active players, but approximately 4 thousand users have yet to launch the game.
  • The milestone of 100 thousand copies is fantastic for Cats Who Play. Shoutov noted that the strategy game "Syria: Russian Storm" sold 50 thousand copies in Russia (global sales exceed 150 thousand copies).
  • According to Shoutov, "Frontline" managed to attract such an audience because the game is free. If it had cost at least 100 rubles, the numbers would be much lower. Shoutov also stated that the real success of the game can only be discussed after a commercial international release.

Currently, "Frontline" is distributed through VK Play and the official Cats Who Play studio website, but it is expected to arrive on Steam later. The game was developed with the support of the Institute for Internet Development. The grant amount is unknown.


Vitaly Shoutov