The studio Double Loop Games, specializing in mobile games, ceased to exist four and a half years after its opening. This was told on LinkedIn by one of its founders and CEO Emily Greer.

In a farewell letter, Greer stated that Double Loop Games was doing everything possible to get through a difficult year — especially for small mobile studios — 2023. She found herself in a "very unfavorable financial environment" and began to experience difficulties with marketing.

In November, Double Loop Games received an offer from Scopely. The company invited most of the developers to its GSN Games "daughter" to work on a new game, and the management of Double Loop Games agreed. However, several studio employees, including the vice president of production, the lead tester and the senior concept artist, were out of work. Greer urged colleagues in the gaming industry to consider resumes of specialists if there are open vacancies in their companies.

Greer herself decided to take a break from game development. Before embarking on a new project, she wants to go on a long vacation to Australia and New Zealand.

Another founder of Double Loop Games, Shelby Moledina, will do the same. She will spend time with her family and simultaneously write a script for a short film.

Double Loop Games was founded in July 2019. The studio planned to make casual titles with an emphasis on social functions, but did not manage to bring any games to release.

Prior to the opening of Double Loop Games, Greer ran the Kongregate gaming portal, which she founded with her brother Jim (Jim Greer). As for Moledina, she was previously the director of product at Warner Bros. Games.

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