Discord is becoming a new platform for the distribution of games. The creators of the chat service announced that from March 18, all interested developers will be able to create games that can be played directly in Discord itself. Previously, only selected developers had this opportunity.

Discord has been experimenting with games for several months now. In December 2023, the company launched the "Activity" feature, which made 19 built-in games and applications available to users.

Now she has introduced a special Embedded App SDK with which you can develop games for "Activities".

  • The created games will work in all versions of Discord: browser, mobile application and PC client.
  • To launch the game, users will not have to download it.
  • Multiplayer can be added to the games.
  • Developers will be able to monetize titles through subscriptions and one-time purchases.

"We want Discord to become a place for developers where they can do everything: create, share, distribute, promote and monetize their work. The place where the app will be released, where it will find its home in communities of people around the world and where it can be easily shared with friends," the company wrote in an official blog.

Also, starting March 18, Discord will allow users of the platform to link applications and games to their account, and not just to the server.

In addition, the creators of Discord decided to bring back the Discord App Pitches program. As part of it, developers will be able to impregnate their project and receive up to 30 thousand dollars for its implementation.

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