Dmitry Chernyshenko held a digital lesson in Kazan as part of the marathon “Share your knowledge”. At it, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation called video games a powerful tool of influence and pointed out that they often substitute historical facts, as well as propagandize violence.

In addition, Chernyshenko said, some foreign developers are deliberately trying to make Russian villains in their games.

Russian Russian “When they want to show an evil, bad person in Western computer games, they do it with a Russian accent, call him by a Russian name, he fights with bad Russian weapons, he does not succeed. It is extremely important that those of you who will be engaged in the production of games do not distort history, do not distort the truth,” Chernyshenko said.

It’s not the first time Chernyshenko has accused foreign game developers of trying to create a negative image of Russia. In April, he made a similar statement.