More than 10 Russian companies that previously settled in Cyprus are going to leave the country, the Cypriot news portal Philenews reports. They will either return to Russia or settle in Kazakhstan.

The publication, which among the Russian media was one of the first to draw the attention of Kommersant, mentions businesses that, for the most part, continue to be active in Russia, namely:

  • TCS Group Holding is the parent company of Tinkoff Bank;
  • the developer "Etalon", specializing in real estate in Moscow and St. Petersburg;
  • Fix Price Retail Chain;
  • United Medical Group is the parent company of the European Medical Center network of private clinics;
  • manufacturer of railway equipment Transmashholding;
  • Globaltrans railway carrier;
  • online retailer Ozon;
  • Noventiq Holdings service provider;
  • MD Medical Group Investments — owner of a network of private clinics "Mother and child";
  • food delivery service "Sbermarket".

The outcome is explained in the publication by the fact that last spring the Cypriot authorities took a firm grip on the assessment of the Russian presence on the island. As a result of the investigation, the authorities found that a number of resident companies on the island may be associated with sanctioned businesses or individuals.

Nikos Christodoulides, who was elected president of Cyprus last February, according to journalists, pursues a policy of "absolute intolerance towards any Cypriot citizen or company that helps circumvent anti-Russian sanctions."

Gaming companies are not mentioned in the publication. Recall that at least two dozen gaming businesses with Russian roots are currently operating in Cyprus.

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