On April 4, the founder of the Polish studio Crazy Rocks Stanislaw Gromadowski announced that sales of the simulator of the border guard Contraband Police exceeded 250 thousand copies. He also admitted that the game was a salvation for the studio and helped it not to go bankrupt.

In an interview with Better Gaming Agency, Gromadowski said that his studio was on the verge of bankruptcy in 2017. It was then that Crazy Rocks turned to the publisher of PlayWay and, together with the investor, defined the concept of its new game, Contraband Police.

Initially, it was assumed that the border guard simulator would be released within a year, but its release was postponed several times. After three years of working on the game, Gromadowski realized that Contraband Police had become his “project of a lifetime.” He decided to create a unique game in which he could invest all his many years of experience. Fortunately, the effort paid off.

Contraband Police was released on Steam on March 8 and in the first two days repelled development and marketing costs. At the time of writing the news, she has 94% positive ratings.


Better Gaming Agency