On July 25, 2023, the Polish Big Cheese Studio released Cooking Simulator in China. The game did not interest Chinese gamers. In a report to investors, the studio said that by November 13, it had managed to sell only 35 copies of the game in the country and earn $349 on them.

The studio acknowledged that it was "well below expectations."

It is not known how many copies of Cooking Simulator have been sold to date in the rest of the world. The last time Big Cheese Studio revealed the global performance of the game in the summer of 2022. Then the circulation of the title itself was 700 thousand copies, and the circulation of add—ons was 400 thousand copies.

The global release of Cooking Simulator took place in 2019. At first, the culinary simulator was released on PC, and eventually reached mobile platforms and consoles. In August 2022, the game also appeared as part of the Game Pass. It is known that Microsoft paid developers $ 600 thousand to add Cooking Simulator to the subscription.

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