The release of the cooperative horror Content Warning was a significant event for the Landfall Games studio. Thanks to the free distribution on the first day, the game attracted the attention of millions of gamers from all over the world. According to the developers, it continued to be in demand after the end of the campaign.

Content Warning

In an interview with PC Gamer, Wilhelm Nylund, co-founder and CEO of Landfall Games, admitted that the developers were not completely confident in the success of Content Warning after the end of the distribution. The studio feared that Steam users would not want to spend $8 on the game if it was free a few hours ago.

"We all had a feeling that when the game became paid, there would be a lot at stake," Nylund shared.

The fears were not justified. On the first day of sales, the studio sold 100,000 copies — never before have Landfall Games sold so many copies in a day. On the second day, sales of Content Warning increased to 125 thousand copies, and by the end of the week — to 700 thousand copies.

According to Nylund, Content Warning owes its good sales partly to the fact that the game was free during the day.

"One day people woke up and suddenly a bunch of footage from a new game came crashing down on them. I think a lot of people thought after that, 'Oh, this is something worth paying attention to,'" Nylund said.

Now Landfall Games hopes to sell a million copies in the first two weeks. Whether their hopes will come true or not, the developers will find out very soon. Recall that Content Warning was released on April 1.

Earlier, Landfall Games reported that Content Warning was taken away by 6.2 million people for free. The peak online horror on Steam on the day of release exceeded 204 thousand users.

Also, Content Warning took fifth place in the chart of the highest-grossing products on Steam for the week from April 2 to April 9, losing in weekly revenue only to Counter-Strike 2, Helldivers 2, Steam Deck and Call of Duty.

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