Last week, the creators of Baldur’s Gate 3 announced the launch of a studio in Warsaw that will assist other offices with the development of two ambitious RPGs. During an investor presentation, CD PROJEKT's COO Piotr Karwowski said there was no problem with this.

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“Do we see a threat? Honestly, there's always a risk that some employees might leave for another company. Whether they join the studio in Warsaw or get a job somewhere else, it doesn't make much of a difference. The world is quite small, and developers, especially at the senior level, are very mobile. If someone doesn't want to work on our project and dreams about working with someone else, they will leave anyway. So, whether Larian Studios operates nearby or not, from our perspective, it doesn't change much. We wish them nothing but the best,” stated Karwowski.

Karwowski added that the more good studios there are, the better. He considers Larian Studios a great team and its head Swen Vincke a "great guy." Karwowski admitted that he played through Baldur’s Gate 3 and was satisfied with the game.


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