Capcom has announced that it will pay more to both current and new employees of Japanese divisions. Their salaries will be increased at different times.

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According to Capcom, current employees will be able to count on an increase already in fiscal 2024, which will begin in less than a month — on April 1, 2024. Their salary will increase by more than 5% on average.

As for newcomers, Capcom will raise the minimum monthly salary for hiring only in fiscal 2025 (April 1, 2025 - March 31, 2026). It will grow to 300 thousand yen, or about 2 thousand dollars. Now the starting salary in the company is 235 thousand yen or 1.56 thousand dollars.

Capcom is also going to pay all employees a one-time bonus "as an investment in people who support the future of the company."

The last time Capcom raised salaries was in April 2022. Then she raised the average base salary by 30% at once and introduced a new bonus system that is more closely tied to the company's performance. Capcom expects that all these measures will make the company more attractive to work with and increase employee productivity.

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