Capcom has revised its forecast for the last fiscal year (April 2023 - March 2024). It expects its revenue and operating profit to reach new record levels.

Dragon’s Dogma 2

Initially, Capcom expected its annual revenue to be 140 billion yen ($899 million). Now she plans to earn 8.9% more — 152.4 billion yen ($979 million).

As for operating profit, Capcom raised its forecast from 56 billion yen ($360 million) to 57 billion yen ($366 million).

Capcom said it revised the forecast due to excellent game sales. She is pleased with the success of Street Fighter 6 and Dragon's Dogma 2, and a number of games from the back catalog have performed well.

Capcom's revenues have been growing rapidly for many years. If the forecast comes true, the past year will be the seventh record year in a row for revenue and the eleventh record year in a row for profit.

Capcom will release its annual report on May 13.

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