A few days ago, Devolver Digital announced plans to release 23.9 million new shares on the stock exchange and to earn 7.9 million pounds sterling ($10 million) from their sale. It appears that they have exceeded their investment attraction goal.

According to Devolver Digital's reports, on July 5, they sold 34.8 million new and old shares.

  • Mediatonic co-founder Paul Croft purchased 18,068,665 (3.85%) shares of Devolver Digital. The purchase price was not disclosed. Previously, Devolver Digital had reported that it intended to sell newly issued shares at 33 pence (41.8 cents) each. If Croft bought at this price, the shares would have cost him approximately 5.96 million pounds sterling ($7.55 million).
  • The company Kwalee acquired 16,758,575 shares (3.58%) of Devolver Digital. They might have paid around 5.53 million pounds sterling ($7 million) for their stake in Devolver Digital.