Activision Blizzard was ready to acquire the Time Warner media holding (now operating under the name WarnerMedia) if the deal with AT&T had collapsed. This was stated by Bobby Kotick in an interview with Variety.

The head of Activision Blizzard said that in 2018 he closely followed the deal between AT&T and Time Warner. The US authorities did not want to approve the takeover, so the publisher hoped that he would be able to offer Time Warner a deal himself. Activision Blizzard has accumulated the necessary amount and was waiting for the final decision of regulators.

“We would take their IP and turn them into games. They would take our IP addresses and turn them into movies and TV shows. We would have an incredible company,” recalls Kotik plans Activision Blizzard.

AT&T bought Time Warner in June 2018, paying $85.4 billion for the media holding.