The Balatro poker "bagel" crossed the milestone of half a million copies sold ten days after its release. This was announced by the publisher of the game Playstack.


It is not reported how sales were distributed across platforms. Recall that Balatro can be played on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Earlier, the head of Playstack, Harvey Elliott, in an interview with the GamesIndustry portal, said that Balatro exceeded all company expectations and beat back costs in an hour from the start of sales. After another seven hours, the game earned its first million dollars.

On March 1, Playstack reported that Balatro was withdrawn from sale at the Nintendo eShop in several countries after the title's age rating was mistakenly raised from "3+" to "18+". According to the company, the rating agency considered that Balatro has gambling-related content. Now Playstack is trying to fix the problem.

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