Indie studio PlayWithFurcifer and publisher IndieArk spoke with gaming expert Simon Carless. They revealed the statistics of the PvP autobatler Backpack Battles and told how the game managed to succeed.

Backpack Battles

  • Backpack Battles was released on Steam Early Access on March 8, 2024. In its debut month, it sold 640,000 copies.
  • Most sales were made in China (48%), Japan (11%), USA (10%), Germany (8%) and Russia (3%).
  • Backpack Battles were most often added to the wish lists in Japan. According to Carless, this happens very rarely. In Japan, the game collected 82.9 thousand vishlist, or 16.3%. Next in the number of vishnalists are Germany (16.2%), the USA (15.6%), China (9.9%), Brazil (6%), Poland (3.4%), Russia (3%), Canada (2.6%) and Taiwan (2.4%).
  • Many players bought Backpack Battles after playing the demo. The developers regularly updated the demo, and at its peak there were 18,958 people in it at the same time.
  • Betting on the Asian market helped the game a lot. Backpack Battles was translated into Chinese, Korean and Japanese, which ensured attention from local streamers. Elements related to Asian culture have also been added to the game.
  • PlayWithFurcifer and IndieArk in general actively collaborated with streamers.
  • The authors of Backpack Battles also arranged collaborations with successful games in related genres. Sales of bundles with Slay the Spire amounted to 173.2 thousand copies, and bundles with Brotato — 58 thousand copies.

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