The German portal Game Two spoke with 32 former and current employees of Daedalic Entertainment. During the conversation, the developers stated that the company has problems with the working culture.

The developers claim that because of CEO Carsten Fichtelmann and Chief Operating Officer Stephan Harms, there is an "atmosphere of fear" in the company. According to them, sometimes employees speak only in whispers so that Fichtelman and Harms do not hear them.

Also, the management of Daedalic Entertainment requires working overtime. At the same time, the developers note, the company does not pay for additional hours.

The interlocutors of Game Two also indicated that the company exploits novice developers. It is reported that, in fact, they are cheap labor for Daedalic Entertainment, which, due to lack of experience, "cannot assess the stress level as critical or abnormal."

Daedalic Entertainment commented on Game Two developers' words. She stated that the company has a "friendly working atmosphere." Nevertheless, she is going to examine in detail the allegations concerning the relationship between management and the team.

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