John Cooney, who heads the indie publisher Armor Games, has decided to leave the post of CEO. He will leave the company in the coming days.

Kuni said on Twitter that he wants to do health, spend more time with his family and just relax. He admitted that he had not taken a vacation longer than a few weeks for 19 years. He also wants to figure out what to work on next: Kuni does not deny that he may launch another business of his own in the future.

Kuni is one of the veterans of Armor Games. He joined the company in 2007, but left five years later. In 2019, he returned to Armor Games and became vice president, and in 2021 he was promoted to CEO.

In 2006, Kupi founded JMTBO2 Studios, where he worked on games such as Achievement Unlocked and Elephant Quest.


John Cooney