In 2021, Argentina launched a program to train prisoners in prison to develop video games. Mishka Palacios de Caro, one of the authors of the program and a part-time teacher, in an interview with the Rest of the World portal, spoke about its features.

Palacios de Caro admitted that it was difficult to organize studies in prison. The authorities allowed two—hour classes to be held only once a week – only at this time prisoners can use computers and access the Internet. At the same time, due to bureaucratic problems, access to most programs is closed for them. The allowed list includes the Construct game designer, the Twine platform, and the Fruity Loops music creation program.

The prisoners themselves liked the idea of the program. Now they are actively making games, most often on prison themes. Some have already published their titles on the Videojuegos Marcos Paz platform.

The authors of the program expect that thanks to it, after leaving prison, people will be able to find work. Negotiations are underway with gaming companies on the employment of such specialists.


Rest of World