Grom Social Enterprises has agreed to purchase Arctic7, a studio consisting of Sperasoft veterans.

The amount and all terms of the transaction were not disclosed. It is only known that after its closure, Arctic7 will operate as a division of Grom Social Enterprises. The studio will continue to create its own games and help third-party teams with development.

According to Igor Efremov, CEO of Arctic7, the deal with Grom Social Enterprises will allow his studio to implement its business strategy more vigorously.

Arctic7 was founded in early 2022. Since then, the studio has managed to make several purchases on its own. For example, in March 2023, she bought Star Fort Games and Narwhal Studios.

Grom Social Enterprises is an entertainment and technology company operating since 2012. She operates the Grom Social social network for children under 13, provides services for the production of cartoons and other animated content, and develops technologies for filtering websites.

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