The analytical service AppMagic calculated that mobile gamers worldwide have spent over $3 billion on games from the Turkish company Dream Games. 99% of the spending was on Royal Match, with less than 1% on the soft-launched Royal Kingdom.

Royal Match

AppMagic added that over the last year, Royal Match's revenue grew by 84%, while many other major games in the match-3 genre saw declines. For example, Homescapes' revenue dropped by 13%, and Candy Crush Saga's by 11%. Moreover, AppMagic noted that since July 2023, Royal Match has consistently outperformed Candy Crush Saga in monthly revenue.

Analysts believe that Royal Match successfully increases its revenue through effective use of LiveOps, collaborations with celebrities, and aggressive advertising.

It's worth noting that the $3 billion represents the gross spending by users before Dream Games paid commissions to mobile stores and taxes. After deducting these, the net amount drops to $1.84 billion.