During the newly opened WWDC 2023, the announcement of a new gadget from Apple took place. The device resembles ski goggles, is controlled by eye movement, gestures and voice commands.

Vision Pro can be called a full-fledged XR gadget, since it can act as an augmented reality device, “working” with the user’s environment, as well as familiar VR glasses.

In the first case, the gadget displays a video of the user’s eyes on the device body.

From also curious:

VentureBeat notes that this is the largest headset on the market, they say, the solution is very large;

▫️Vision Pro runs on an external battery for up to two hours (the battery will be connected with a strap);

▫️speaking of internal screens, there will be more than 23 million dots for each eye (this is many times more than 4K);

▫️it will work on the M2 processor.

It will be on sale this fall with its own store, where there will be games (at the start they promise a library of 100 games, including NBA 2K23), fitness applications, rally services and so on.