Apple and Epic Games will face another trial in court. A hearing will be held on May 8, during which Epic Games will try to prove that Apple violated the court order.


Earlier, the court ordered Apple to change the payment rules of the App Store and allow developers to add links to alternative payment methods to applications. Apple complied with the court order, but it was not without nuances. For example, the company obliged such developers to pay her a commission in the amount of 12% to 27%. In the App Store, the commission is only slightly higher — 15% and 30%.

Epic Games believes that Apple has given developers the illusion of choice. In addition, according to Epic Games, the company has banned alternative payment methods for multiplatform applications, and this is a direct violation of the court order.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers will again sort out the dispute between Apple and Epic Games.

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The Verge