Following Okko, VK's internal structure released its documentary series about the domestic gaming industry.

The new product is called "Serious games: paradoxes of Russian game development". In five episodes lasting 25 minutes, viewers will be told about "how the culture of gaming developed [in Russia. — Ed.] and what brought Russian developers and esports players worldwide fame."

Among the speakers of the series: Alice Chumachenko, former CEO of Game Insight, Viktor Savyuk, founder of the project and author of the Dendy trademark, Robert Bagratuni, game director of Atomic Heart, founder of the Mundfish studio, and many others.

So far, only the first episode is available for viewing. The series is released exclusively on the VK Video platform.

This is the second series about Russian game dev that has been released in the last six months. At the end of September, a nine-part "History of Russian Computer Games" was released on the Okko platform.

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"VK Video"