On March 29, South Korean studio Shift Up released a demo of the futuristic action game Stellar Blade on PlayStation 5 consoles. The game showed excellent results. Analysts from Ampere Analysis estimated that at its peak it attracted almost twice as many daily active users (DAU) as the demo version of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth at the time.

Stellar Blade

Ampere Analysis estimates that the maximum DAU of the Stellar Blade demo was about 690 thousand people. In the demo version of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, it was equal to 380 thousand people.

Analysts noted that after the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the maximum DAU increased to 2.21 million people. They predict that if the DAU ratio between games persists, the daily audience of the Stellar Blade release version may exceed 4.01 million users.

DAU in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Stellar Blade. The purple color indicates the DAU of the demo versions of the games, the blue color indicates the DAU of the release versions of the games.

Shift Up itself has not publicly disclosed the demo figures. But she said that some users have already spent more than 50 hours in the game.

"We are very grateful for your love for our game. But please take it easy with the demo so that you can enjoy the full version properly later. More than 50 simulated hours in the demo version… It scares us!" the studio wrote in X.

Recall that the release of Stellar Blade will take place on April 26. The game will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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Ampere Analysis