The Minetest game engine/platform has a new version. There are few innovations. The main task of the updated version is to draw users' attention to the game library.


For reference: Minetest is positioned as a game engine, but it would be more correct to call it an open source platform. The solution allows you to develop Minecraft-style games on Lua and distribute them within your own library.

Before the release of the latest version of the engine, its distribution package came with a game demonstrating the capabilities of the solution, Minetest Game. Because of this, according to the developers, new users thought that this was all that Minetest had to offer.

The Minetest Library

Starting from version 5.8.0, there will be no game in the distribution, in order to download it, the user will first have to get acquainted with the library, find the game among projects created by other users of the engine / platform.

Among other innovations: a new settings menu, improved control on Android devices, rewritten sound support from scratch, improved anti-aliasing (now you can choose between FXAA and SSAA).

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