The owners of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II — The Sith Lords version for Nintendo Switch sued Aspyr Media and Saber Interactive. Gamers are unhappy that companies have changed their minds about releasing DLC with cut content.

The plaintiffs pointed out that the developers had repeatedly promised to release DLC for Star Wars: KOTOR II, but in June 2023 they officially announced its cancellation. As compensation, the companies offered the owners of the Switch version a copy of Star Wars: KOTOR II on Steam or one of the other games in the Star Wars universe on Nintendo Switch.

According to the plaintiffs, after the cancellation of the DLC, they felt cheated. According to gamers, they bought Star Wars: KOTOR II precisely for the sake of the cut content. Moreover, some did not even start playing the game, because they were waiting for the promised DLC.

Now gamers are demanding that Aspyr Media and Saber Interactive return their money for the game. The companies must respond to the lawsuit by October 4.


The Gamer