Syndicat National du Jeu Video (SNJV), a trade organization, surveyed 577 French game development studios. She found out that more than half of the teams did not earn even 300 thousand euros last year. At the same time, the number of large studios has grown.

According to SNJV, in 2022, the revenue of 14.4% of the surveyed studios exceeded €10 million. In 2020, only 6.4% of companies indicated this amount in the survey (note, how many teams answered SNIV questions at that time is not reported). Also, 8.3% of studios were able to earn more than €20 million.

In 2022, a third of studios were making PC games. The next most popular platforms were home consoles (22.8%), mobile devices (16.1%) and portable consoles (15.5%).

The vast majority of studios (85%) called France an attractive region for gaming companies. Mainly due to the availability of tax benefits (31%), the quality of education (23.4%) and a high standard of living (21.9%).

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