The authors of the mobile games Zooba, Tennis Clash and Castle Crush received $120 million as part of the “B” series funding round. The studio will direct money to business development, according to VentureBeat.

In 2019, the Brazilian developer and publisher of mobile casual games has already raised $60 million. Then he spent this money on expanding the staff and improving the quality of games. Since then, Wildlife Studios has grown by 200 people, and the company’s valuation has doubled: from $1.3 billion to $3 billion.

This time the transaction took place in a remote format. The participants were private investment companies Vulcan Capital and Human Capital.

Wildlife Studios CEO Victor Lazarte said that the company will not spend the proceeds on acquiring new studios, but will continue to develop existing titles, create a convenient infrastructure for developing new games and invest in talent.

“We are going to become a company that will make the life of game designers… the easiest,” Lazarte said.

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