In 17 days, the teenager managed to spend $ 20 thousand on subscriptions and donations on Twitch. It took his family a month to get the money back. By the way, Twitch itself has not responded to the situation.

The lawsuit with the return of money from Twitch began at the end of June, when the mother of a young gamer discovered the loss of $19,870.94 from a bank account. But only in early August, the woman managed to get her savings back, Dotesports reports.

“I am so glad that the money was returned to the account and this nightmare is over,” says the teenager’s mother. “I didn’t receive a few hundred dollars, but I’m too happy to insist on returning the difference.”

But despite the successful outcome, the process itself could not be called easy.

The bank advised the mother to sue her own son: the only way they could help get the money back. And Twitch is like “building a brick wall.” The woman admitted that she wrote to the streaming platform’s support service, and personally to Twitch CEO Emmett Shear, and Amazon lawyers, but did not receive a response.

It is not known whether she tried to establish a dialogue personally with the streamers to whom her son donated money. According to Dotesports, among them were quite well-known people on Twitch: Tfue, Gorb, Ewokttv and others. But even if the mother tried to contact them, the streamers would hardly be able to help. The fact is that shortly after the incident, her son’s account was closed, and all information about transactions was lost.

“The fact that no one answered and there was no way to talk to anyone was terrible,” the mother added. “That was probably the worst part.”

The only one who really managed to help her was Xsolla, an electronic payment service and a partner of the streaming platform. As a result, he transferred to the woman most of the $20 thousand spent by the teenager.

The teenager’s mother noted that her son “repents of what happened” and attends consultations. But now he can only play under supervision.

“It was a difficult time for our family, but I hope it only made us stronger,” she concludes.

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