MAG Interactive presented a report for the first fiscal quarter (September-November 2020). During this period, the authors of the QuizDuel verbal quiz earned $7.5 million and increased ARPDAU by almost half.General data

MAG Interactive’s revenue for the reporting period amounted to $7.52 million (an increase of 34% in annual terms).

  • The profit for the quarter was $1.1 million (an increase of 85% in annual terms).
  • Revenue from games (revenue after deducting the cost of attracting users and platform commissions) increased by 23% year-on-year and brought the company $4.59 million.
  • ARPDAU was 4.1 cents (an increase of 43% in annual terms).
  • It is the rapid increase in this metric that MAG Interactive calls the main driver of the company’s growth in the first quarter.In-game purchases brought the company $3.2 million (an increase of 86% year-on-year).
  • The DAU was 1.9 million people, and the MAU was 6.2 million.
  • In comparison with the results for the same period last year, the indicators increased by 4% and 5%, respectively.Game Data

90% of QuizDuel players have successfully migrated to the new version — New QuizDue l.

  • New QuizDuel was downloaded 5 million times during the reporting period.
  • The developers plan to develop the game and will soon begin to conduct live broadcasts with quizzes in which users will compete for real money.$1.9 million was spent on attracting users to Wordzee (44% more in annual terms).
  • The company sees in the game the greatest potential for monetization among all its projects.Paid subscriptions to Word Domination account for 27% of all in-game purchases of the project.
  • VIP users bring the biggest ARPDAU.“We will continue to implement our strategy to improve existing games and invest both in attracting users and in developing new projects for further business development,” said CEO Daniel Hasselberg