Consulting firm Games One told which game companies’ CEOs earned the most in 2020. Three people have an annual income of over $ 100 million. Among them are Robert Antokol from Playtika and Bobby Kotick from Activision Blizzard.

Robert Antokol
Important: in its report, Games One indicated not salaries, but compensation payments of CEOs.

Their size is determined by the board of directors of the companies and approved by a vote of shareholders. Usually such payments consist of a mixture of the salary itself, bonuses, shares and benefits.

In total, 42 people from 40 companies were included in the rating (Digital Bros and CD Projekt have two CEOs each). Their total income is $842 million. We have selected the first ten, the rest of the list can be seen here.

Top 10 highest paid CEOs:

  1. Robert Antokol from Playtika — $372,008,176;
  2. Bobby Kotick from Activision Blizzard — $154,613,318;
  3. Andrew Paradise from Skillz — $103,321,052;
  4. Andrew Wilson from Electronic Arts — $34,715,802;
  5. Frank Gibeau from Zynga — $32,003,768;
  6. John Riccitiello from Unity — $22,001,733;
  7. Strauss Zelnick from Take-Two Interactive — $18,111,761;
  8. Taek-Jin Kim from NCsoft — $15,620,773;
  9. Min-Liang Tan from Razer — $10,457,000;
  10. Debbie Bestwick from Team17 — $10,242,642.

The “lowest paid” CEOs on the list were Claude Guillemot of Guillemot Corporation ($185,004) and Lars Wingefors of Embracer Group ($162,293).

At the end of the rating, Games One also indicated the size of the median payout for 2020 for ordinary employees of some companies. The largest was in Electronic Arts — $123,935. A little less in Activision Blizzard and Zynga — $99,100 and $98,781, respectively.