The mobile simulator of the Family Island farm from Minsk Melsoft continues to gain cash. Its total revenue exceeded the bar of $ 100 million, and monthly income — $ 10 million, — AppMagic reports.

Family Island is a farm game in a Stone Age setting. The player helps a primitive family to settle in a new house after the old one was destroyed by a volcanic eruption.

The project was released in July 2019. At first, the revenue of Family Island was small — in September 2019, it slightly exceeded $ 50 thousand. The situation changed significantly by the summer of 2020, when the game started earning around $ 4-6 million per month.

At this level, Family Island has been earning all year. But in the spring of 2021, the revenues of the Belarusian game began to grow again. In March, they reached the $8 million mark, and this summer they crossed the $10 million figure.

Important: we are not talking about the amount of money spent by users in the game, but about the amount that was transferred to developers after deducting the share of stores and local taxes.

As for installations, Family Island has collected 34.7 million downloads for all time on the market. The dynamics of the game’s revenue coincides with the dynamics of installations, which has only been growing since the appearance of the game.

The game’s ARPU (average revenue per user) is $2.9.

Now Family Island generates the lion’s share of Melsoft earnings. In June, the company’s total revenue was $12.7 million. Of these, $10.18 million was brought by the primitive farm, and another $2.4 million was brought by the time manager of My Cafe. Note that My Cafe has earned $127.6 million in total during its existence (the game was released in 2016).

At the end of 2020, Melsoft became part of Moon Active, which is known primarily for Coin Master. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed.