Last weekend, the Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign crossed the $400 million mark. The large-scale project, which has been in development for more than 10 years, has already been supported by over 3.3 million users. At the same time, the game still does not even have an approximate release date.In total, to date, Star Citizen’s fees have amounted to $403 million.

Users support the project by buying various kits, bonuses and ships. Some of them have not yet been added to the game. 

In the last few days alone, Star Citizen’s crowdfunding fees have exceeded $3.5 million. For comparison, over the past month, users have invested almost $8 million in Cloud Imperium Games studios.

Star Citizen fees for the last seven daysStar Citizen overcame the previous important milestone in March — then its fees exceeded $ 350 million.

Despite the fact that millions of players still believe in the project, it has been criticized by users more than once. This is largely due to constant postponements and unfulfilled promises. Because of this, part of the community accuses developers of fraud.

Star Citizen has been in active development since 2011. In 2012, CIG launched a crowdfunding campaign, after which it repeatedly shifted the release dates and dates. Backers still don’t know exactly when the game and its Squadron 42 story mode will be released.

Game director Chris Roberts, known as the creator of the Wing Commander series, continues to assure that all funds go directly to the development of an ambitious project. Next year, CIG is also going to open a new office in Manchester, where it will hire about a thousand people in the next four years.